Thursday, 17 June 2021

Peninsular War: Volteggiatori 1° Reggimento Fanteria Leggera

After their initial battles I concluded my Kingdom of Italy force needed some more skirmishers, two groups was not just cutting it for the size of force I had so I decided it would be good to have the option of a couple more groups. 

I could have painted up some more Perry's from the plastic Elite Companies box but I stumbled across some lonely HaT French Light Infantry Voltigeurs in Capocks which I'd bough many moons ago for an aborted imagi-nations project and finding enough for two skirmish groups with an officer I decided to paint them up as Volteggiatori  of the 1° Reggimento Fanteria Leggera (1st Light Infantry Regiment).

As you can see, unlike the Line regiments, the Light troops wore green which makes a nice contrast on the table to the mass of white tunics. There is some debate of the 1st's facings. (as there was with the Line troops) some sources (Von Pivka's Osprey book) having the 1st with red facings (possibly pre-1811) and others yellow (though this maybe after 1811). In the end I went with the yellow as if Von Pivka is correct these guys will be the 2nd Light Infantry Regiment which he claims had yellow facings.

The miniatures are more slender than Perry and a fraction shorter (the Victrix artillery I'm working on slightly in between) but as Light Infantry recruits were generally smaller chaps I think look do ok.

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