Thursday 3 September 2020

Never Mind the Billhooks!

Since starting this blog there have been, at least, two aborted attempts to get a medieval wargaming project underway but to no avail. Well they say 'third time lucky' so earlier this week I hunted down a copy of the latest Wargames Illustrated which contains a 'free' copy of Andy Callan's Never Mind the Billhooks Wars of the Roses rules.

Described as for 'big skirmishes and small battles' they provide for a similar size battle to Sharp Practice and the systems owe something to the Lardies set, although the overall game appears to much simpler. Infantry (bow and bill) operate in units of 12 but can be combined, skirmishers (crossbow and handguns) in 6's and cavalry (mounted knights and light) in 8's.

Rummaging through 'Lead Mountain' I've been digging out any unpainted Foundry (ex-Citadel) WotR models I can find and have started basing and undercoating some units up. So far I have re-discovered 44(!) Mounted Knights so I suspect I shall be using NMTB for the Burgundian Wars rather than the Roses (Never Mind The Cantons?).


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  1. It should work for the Burgundian wars with no problems
    Andy Callan