Thursday, 13 December 2018

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness...

As previously posted 2019 will see me raising the flag of rebellion and raising an American force for Osprey's forthcoming Rebels and Patriots rules. I have always been interested in the Southern campaign so have decided to base my army on that of Nathanael Greene who took command of the Continental Army following the disaster at Camden, more specifically to start the American army at Guilford Courthouse and the battle there on 15th March 1781.

Having seen a sneak peak of the AWI army lists I may have been a tad optimistic that one box of Perry's plastics would supply the bulk of my army in that a 12 figure line infantry unit is only 4 points out of a 24 point basic force, so I thought I better crack on if I am to have a reasonably sized army ready to defeat the nefarious British!

So today I stuck together two units of Continental Army line infantry, that will be painted up as the 1st and 2nd Maryland Regiments who fought at Guilford Courthouse.

1st Maryland Regiment (Continental Line Infantry)
As the keen eyed will have noticed the units photographed are actually 16 strong not 12. The reason for this is that Sharp Practice is quite popular at BIG so I am raising my Rebels and Patriots force with an eye on it being usable in some Sharp Practice AWI games at some future point in time.

2nd Maryland Regiment (Continental Green Line Infantry)
The 1st Maryland I have built up as pretty uniform regulars, most with regulation tricorns etc. The 2nd (who had been newly re-formed) looks more irregular with a variety of headgear and has a less military bearing to how they are holding their weaponry (and unlike the 1st they have not bothered fixing their bayonets).

Hopefully I can get some paint on them reasonably soon though my next main painting focus will be for some planned Anglo-Zulu War games planned for January.

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