Saturday 23 July 2016

Panzerfäuste: Deathless Zombi

Having gone on a mini-spending spree at Devizes last weekend (more on that another day) I decided to try out the Zombiecide effects paints I bought on the as yet unreleased Panzerfäuste Deathless Zombi...

To be honest I only used the blood and gore paints from the set and they worked quite nicely, the rest are just Vallejo military paints for the Russian style uniforms.

To make them look a bit different than WW2 Russians I have decided my Panzerfäuste Dark Elves will be painted up as Drow with black skins and white hair, and consequently the Zombi had to be the same...

I think they've come up alright and might get some more soon.


  1. The black skin and white hair is a nice touch it makes them seem as if they have been deep FROZEN in the Russian winter.