Thursday, 19 May 2016

Panzerfäuste: Skøgtroll Kongens Garde

I have a terrible problem in wanting to change things. Not content with painting a set of Hysterical's Panzerfäuste Forest Trolls, I decided I had to convert some into the elite Kong's Garde (King's Guard).

The trolls are based on the Norwegians and in real life the King's Guard fought off a German attempt to capture the King and his cabinet, whilst still dressed in parade ground undress uniform (and some hastily grabbed helmets).

This necessitated a bit of work, the removal of the breast pockets, extending the trousers and changing the head gear. I attempted to make a "Swedish" helmet which went "okay" on one troll, but played it safe with a side cap for the second.

In the sixties the regiment adopted a penguin from Edinburgh zoo and so, as this is fantasy,
I decided I needed a model of Sir Nils Olav. Now sourcing a penguin was not easy. Copplestone make some but they looked a bit small. In the end I used a toy one I bought off Amazon (six for £1.99 including postage) added a plastic British helmet from Warlord and et voila, the King's penguin who needs rescuing from the Dwarves. He's bit big but the trolls like big pets!

On the subject of animals in Panzerfäuste I also painted up the Kickstarter exclusive freebie, Hansi, the Kaiser's cat...


  1. Amazing! And very funny:-)

  2. Very good job, but "Ø" and "O" are two separate letters, so putting them in just for show only looks impressive to other Americans.

  3. Love the conversions and the Penguin is brilliant.