Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Panzerfäuste: Troglodyte Black Brigade Test Conversion

One of the races in Panzerfäuste that Wessex Games never got around to having sculpted were the Troglodytes (who are largely Polish influenced uniform wise). Today, I decided to try and convert a Trog of the "Black Brigade" wearing the 10th Motorised's black leather coats and "German" helmets.

I used the body of a Warlord early war plastic German with a GW Gnoblar head. I cut the leg down by a few mm at the knee so the figure was no taller than a Wessex Dwarf, before covering it in layers of Green Stuff to build up the distinctive leather coat, extend the feet and add some facial hair...

I know I won't win any prizes for sculpting but I think it looks ok and a decent paint job should hide 101 sins. It was fairly straight forward conversion job, another nine and I'll have a useable section! :-)

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