Saturday 3 January 2015

TSS Come Good...

You may remember back in November I cheered myself up by buying some terrain tiles in the TSS 15% Off Sale. They arrived soon after but unfortunately one of the sand tiles had been packed under some smaller green ones and had a nice green T-mark on it where flock had fallen between the gaps. I thought this would be an easy job just brushing the green off, but it had stained the sand and left a distinctive T.

I dropped TSS an email and waited... I dropped TSS and email via their website and waited... I dropped TSS another email and waited... In the end I lodged a PayPal dispute and... they got in touch immediately. Yesterday a big box turned up, not only with a replacement tile but two extra, which was very kind of them.

With the Winter War planned for this year and a wish to do some other snowy games in the future I had been pondering terrain tiles and am wondering whether to take the marked tile outside for a light spray with some white paint to see what the end effect is...


  1. Sprinkle on Woodland Scenic snow, and with a bit of luck you'll be able to shake it all off afterwards.

  2. PS: You could try spraying sand colour over the mark, or go and do some super detailing on that terrain board as an experiment. After all what have you got to lose?

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