Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Penny Dreadful

I managed to catch up with the first episode of Showtime/Sky's new Victorian Gothic drama series Penny Dreadful yesterday. Using a mix of public domain literary characters from C19th fiction (rather like Alan Moore did with League of Extraordinary Gentlemen), it is great stuff for Empire of the Dead/IHMN players, interested in some horror gaming in the demi-monde between the real world and the supernatural.


  1. Watched the 1st 3 myself yesterday and thought it was quite good. Be interesting to see just how many elements they're going to include, at one point I thought we were getting Phantom of the Opera.

  2. Saw this too and was also going to post about it; think it's pretty good so far - two episodes in - and look forward to next week's installment. It does have just about every Gothic - esque cliché in it, but good ones, nonetheless... ;)