Sunday 4 May 2014

Blitzkrieg: Danish Infantry II

I managed to spend a little time today finishing off the paint jobs on the second batch of WW2 Danish infantry to go those I converted and painted last month.

Work is progressing on the final five (I think a section is enough), conversion work has been completed on the Marsden lmg team. and I'm working on the helmets of the three riflemen.

Whilst it has taken a fair bit of effort to convert the Warlord Germans, it is great to have a unit of obscure troops that are not commercially available.

2014 Painting Target: 185/1000


  1. Those look really good...nice conversion work!

  2. I'll be going down that path in 10mm scale real soon. I've even got the lead somewhere around the house - just waiting to find the time...
    But, honestly, I think it is just an excuse for me to have teeny tiny motorcycle tank destroyers...