Friday, 14 December 2012

The Great DreadBall Fumble...

I wasn't going to post on this topic again but my blood pressure is rising the more I look into it...

Allegedly all the Kickstarters have now been shipped. I say allegedly because on 26th November Mantic posted that "all trade is shipping at the same time as the Kickstarter pledges!"

 A few days earlier they posted: "Just to keep you informed we will be shipping out distributor orders next week as well, so if any are super quick they may hit shelves next Saturday – but they should be arriving at the same time as yours the following week – though obviously without the MVPs and the other goodies you'll all have in your first shipment!"

This is why I am upset with Mantic. I accept crap happens and things get delayed but they are making decisions and moving goalposts without explaining why directly to the people who put almost half a million quid in their bank account at the end of September.

I don't know why they have not done what they said they were going to do on the 26th November. I'm also a bit confused how some UK Kickstarters got their stuff two weeks back (one two separate parcels) which contradicts either waiting for the MVP stock or sending overseas orders out first (which I don't mind if I believed that was true as it clearly isn't)

I appear to have been quite restrained in not getting miffed until two weeks after it went on sale with retailers having now come across the following interesting blog posts from November:

Frontline Game: Dreadball Launch

Meeples and Miniatures: “Mantic have the ball, it’s the last rush of the game, they must score…wait…FUMBLE!!!”

Incidentally it didn't arrive today...


  1. I feel your frustration, I'm still awaiting my copy as well Steve. As I'm not far from you I guess Dreadball hasn't reached us in the darkest west country :(

  2. I'm confused as to these UK Kickstarters getting their stuff 2 weeks ago...with the MVP's. Are you sure they got their MVP's? Are you sure they were Striker sets and not just the base game? If so...were these folks that requested for their stuff to be shipped early without the MVP's?

    I can see a scenario where Mantic started to Pick Orders for shipping to these folks that were willing to wait for the MVP's in the 2nd shipment. Then the MVP's came in. Rather than shipping those that they had started the process for and hold the MVP's until April. They just added the MVP's to those orders that they had started to process. Thus saving the tracking headache of who had gotten shopped the MVP's and who had not. Then they shipped those to get them out from underfoot, and started with the process they talked about...Pacific, then North America then Europe. So those UK folks that asked for their stuff without MVP's got it much earlier than those that didn't.

    They wouldn't just randomly pick a few UK Strikers to send out then jump to the Asia market. That would be foolish and a logistical nightmare.

  3. Still not at my house in Australia either...