Sunday, 30 December 2012

Nice Looking Rack...

I spent part of Friday trying to get at least one of my Zulu regiments ready for dipping before the year ended and found myself spending more time trying to find the particular Vallejo paint pots I wanted (my current system of them all dumped in a clear plastic ziplock bag leaves something to be desired). Indeed I reflected my whole workbench/painting area is a complete and utter mess.

So the time has come for action!

Following an inspiring post on Belisarius's blog I have purchased this...

This is stage one in clearing, reclaiming and reogranising my workbench/painting area rather than trying to work amongst the detritus that has spread across all but a minute part on the area.

Once I have done this I will start to reclaim the wargames table with the aim of having a more organised and hobby orientated year in 2013!