Wednesday 14 November 2012

No Can Do...

Bit of a painting disaster today that has put a major crimp in Zulu month, I dropped the can of Army Painter Leather Brown spray and snapped the nozzle off! Well half off, but when I tried to use it I managed to totally snap it off covering my hands in brown undercoat in the process (hopefully I have got most of it off having to go to a parents' evening meeting at school in a little while).

I have order a replacement can (and some blue for the ACW Month) but it won't get to Blease Towers until I am off working away next week. :-(

Still I have managed to undercoat sixty Zulus, so I will have to crack on with them and I can still glue the remaining regiments together (and see if I can find the forty that appear to have gone AWOL in the Plastic Mountain...


  1. That is such a pain. I did something similar with a can pf primer - broke the nozzle off while taking the lid off. So annoying!

  2. Ahh thats a pain! The nozzles aren't even interchangable like the GW ones :(

    I always found AP sprays a little thick, and more satin than matt is this one?

    Looking forward to the results as always!