Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Charge Of The Wolf Brigade!

Twenty-seven years after I bought them(!) I have now painted up 32 Citadel Goblin Wolf Riders - hurrah!

I'm not quite sure why they took so long as I have always liked the figures. 16 had been painted and seen action previously (when I was a mere Snaga Orc) but I chose to repaint them so they all looked the same. I will spilt them into two regiments for games.

The miniatures were some of the first Kev Adams sculpted Goblins and I especially like the wolves (IMHO Orcs and Goblins should ride wolves). I found I was short two riders so converted a couple of the plastic LOTR Moria Goblins. Hopefully I will find the original missing figures one day.

Zulus next, 48 of whom have been given a spray of brown undercoat this morning...


  1. Nice. I had some of these when i was a kid, loved them but unfortunately didnt keep them.

  2. Classic figures. Brilliant stuff! Don't wait so long next time.

  3. 27 years! Well done. An inspiration.