Saturday 25 August 2012

Reaper Bones Kickstarter

You may have seen that a number of games companies are using Kickstarter to raise funds for future projects, a process similar to that which a number of bands have done to cover the costs of recording new albums or touring (Marillion come to mind here).

Reaper Miniatures are one of the latest, looking for $30,000 to fun a more rapid expansion of their plastic fantasy Bones line. To date they have received pledges of $2,816,765!

The project only has a few hours to run and there are various levels of pledging bring various levels of reward. I haven't bothered with pledging on Kickstarter before, but as I like Reaper's models and what I've seen of their Bones line I decided support the project and after some consideration opted for the $100 Vampire level which currently buys 225 miniatures.

I'm not sure what I'll do with all of them but it is too good an offer not to take up. If you are interested in checking the offers out (and note the whole thing only has a few hours left so don't tarry), more details can be found here.

Update: in the end the Kickstarter pledges reached $3,415,448. I must confess to getting a tad carried away. Even as the $100 level was increased to 240 miniatures, I decided that some of the options were too good to pass up on, especially some of the larger dragons and creatures (and come on, an eight inch tall Cthulhu for just $10, that would be insane to pass up on!)


  1. I plopped down for the same thing. Even if I only paint up thirty or so in a lifetime I still got my money's worth.

  2. I'm in as well, I never counted myself as a drooling Reaper fan boy until this hit. I'm expecting the numbers for ReaperCon, their in house convention, to really swell in April.

  3. Amazing offer! I have participanted in one project to develop a Battle of the Bulge game for the iPad
    I have enough fantasy minis already but I hope to see other projects more historical oriented in the future

  4. This was my first Kickstarter backing and it turned out to be a huge winner. Even early on I felt like I was getting a great deal. That great deal turned out to be well beyond expectations. Well done Reaper!

    Like you, I jumped in for the $100 Vampire level but with all the cool options, I'm almost double that now. Still a bargain though. Enjoy your minis.

  5. This is one of those that I almost cried over not contributing to.

    I don't pay too much attention to Kickstarter as the whole thing generally leaves me in a whirl. The giants alone would have sold me on this offer. I love the Reaper giants but their price, reasonable as it is, has kept me from collecting them.

    I am absolutely floored by just how giant this thing got and how it just seemed to keep growing and growing. For those who participated it must have been the gamer version of day trading a really hot stock.


  6. Oh,

    Does anybody know if these BONES versions will be available as part of Reaper's regular inventory or was this a Kickstarter only thing.


    1. Yes Eli, they will be added. The whole idea is to expand the Bones range at a quicker rate than it would be without the funding. Reaper will apparently be allowing pledgers to add items to their orders in the next week or so at (I think) the KS prices, so if you know someone in the States who has pledged they might let you piggy-back...