Friday, 31 August 2012

Hobhounds and Hobgoblin Master

Whilst painting the Greeks I took the opportunity to finish off and old (1984 IIRC) Citadel Hobhounds and Hobgoblin Master set that was sat on the workbench. This set will join the Goblinoid army along with a regiment of Hobgoblins also bought in the mid-eighties.

 I have based the set on a DIY sabot base so the hobhounds can be removed and launched at the enemy in the game. I added foil reins to the handler which are not attached to the hounds, not 100% sure about them but they look better with than without IMHO.

 I've done a lot of the block painting on the Athenian cavalry but not finished it so I'll probably have to extend Athenian Month into the weekend...


  1. Nice work - love these models and have them lined up for a lick of paint in the far future!

    I see you went green with your hobgoblin - looks good. I've been pondering what skin colour I'm going to go with... probably orangey brown.

    1. Umm'd and ahh'd over that for a while. The green will be a bit more yellowy than the usual French Artillery Green I use but it contrasts nicely with red and blue for armour and clothing etc,

  2. Great work nice display base as well looks really effective

  3. Great work on the hobgoblin and hounds. I have to paint these guys on commission next and am glad to have seen these. Inspirational work!