Tuesday, 14 February 2012

A Few Zombies More...

To expand the horde and add some variety I pocked up some of the Horrorclix zombies, whilst a soft plastic they can be repainted and rebased with ease. What is good with the Horrorclix range are the slightly unusual figures like the zombie in construction site hard hat, though I am doing my best to avoid the comic ones such as the zombie with ventriloquist dummy...

The other zombies here are a couple of old Copplestone ones which have been sat around for a long time and a D&D zombie, ostensibly in a cod-medieval fantasy world costume but has a New Age look similar to what you see down Glastonbury high street.

I am now working on converting a toy ambulance into a police van to go with a couple of police cars I picked up from Tesco's and must finish off the Dwarf King's Hold figures which were coming along quite nicely before I got the zombie bug (not literally!)

1 comment:

  1. Don't knock the ventriloquist dummy, it's probably my favourite Brian Dugas sculpt!
    Looking forward to seeing the police van!