Wednesday 29 February 2012

Best Month Ever - Thank You!

I've just looked at the Blogger Stats for Bleaseworld* and it appears that February 2012 has the highest number of page views in one month (9,405) beating previous best June 2011 (8,890). Thanks to everyone who has visited, commented and follows the blog, it is much appreciated.

I started the blog back in February 2009 as a way of encouraging me to paint more than I was doing (the logic being I needed to paint stuff for blog posts!), which seems to have worked though many projects are still unfinished!

Ogre Slayers from the first post...
Anyway, thanks once more, here's to the next three years, hopefully we'll bust the 10,000 views in a month  soon! :-)

* incidentally the blog name isn't some ego thing (heaven forbid!), in fact I didn't come up with the name. Anyone know where it comes from?


  1. Congrats on the performance. I changed my blog style using Dynamic Views and got a huge lift in viewing numbers (but it reverted to type about a week later). Perhaps that might help get your views up to 10k?

  2. Happy to have been amongst that number...several times!