Monday, 20 June 2011


You may remember I said I wasn't starting any new projects but I confess I have weakened (a bit...) For some time I've been pondering on converting Panzerfäuste/ColdWar: 1983 into a straight historical WW2 set. I have used Panzerfäuste for the Russian Front before but appreciate WW2 gamers don't feel easy about having their Germans firing Dwarf smgs and there are some parts of ColdWar I'd like to pull over as well. So in between things I've been planning out WorldWar: 1940... Not sure when it will be ready, I could do a quick job cut and paste but I really want to spend some time on the various armies and cover a lot of the smaller ones (the great thing about section/platoon level games is that one-sided wars become distinctly less one-sided).

Rather than just cover the usual suspects in the rulebook, or concentrate on NW Europe 1944, I've decided to put the primary focus for the rulebook on the period September 1939 to May 1940 with future supplements covering the Eastern Front and Balkans, the Western Desert, South-east Asia and the Pacific, NW Europe and Italy and the end of the war. So having drafted out what I want in the first book I've been looking into 28mm miniatures as I like the idea of raising a section plus some support weapons for a number of the countries over the course of the project (especially some of the unusual ones), with maybe the odd AFV here and there.

For the Blitzkrieg period BEF produce early war British, Germans and Belgians and Warlord Poles and French (boxes of which I have ordered from Wayland). Other smaller nations are a problem, Norwegians used to be available from Valkyrie Miniatures but the best bet now seems to be useBrigade Games Austro-Hungarians and a bit of Green Stuff, not sure about the Dutch and Danes...

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  1. A very good period to play, no steel monsters dominating the field and room for some nice flanking tactics. I concentrated my 20mm project in the period from September 1939 to the summer of 1941 (Barbarossa)