Saturday, 12 February 2011

(WWII Month) The Joy Of Pre-Paints

Working in Paris last week meant no painting progress on the Bf: Evo project, but I have just spent an hour trimming and basing two platoons of Soviets and converting a sniper (aka covering my fingers in superglue). Hopefully tomorrow I'll be putting paint on. Fortunately I am home all next week so have a series of evenings to crack on in, whilst SWMBO watches her murder/death/kill programmes.

However, not being at home did not mean no progress and I was pleased to pick up a pre-painted Dragon Armour Sdkfz 251/7 Pionierpanzerwagen for my pioneer section. Whilst pre-paints can be expensive way of building up your AFV's (though eBay and patience are your friends here), for one off vehicles that aren't going to be made as easy build wargames kits by HaT, Italeri or Pegasus the price difference between a pre-paint and an unmade plastic kit with loads of parts isn't worth considering...

A while back I also picked up an Elefant and an E-100 from Dragon. The E-100 was a sale damaged item in the local model shop with one of the rear wheels broken. A dab of superglue soon fixed that and now I have a useful "what if?" challenge for the Soviet ISU-152's...

In addition to Dragon; Altaya and Forces of Valor are also worth checking out for both pre-painted WWII and Modern AFV's.

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  1. Lovely indeed - those Dragon kits are great. Unfortunately they are a bit small for 28mm though, because I'd LOVE an E-100. I did pick up a Tiger II though, because with a few mods I think it will make a neat 28mm scale E-50.