Sunday, 27 February 2011

(WWII Month) Forward To Berlin!

Bit of a painting splurge this morning and I finished painting the Soviets I was working on, they have been gloss varnished for extra protection (currently drying) and just need basing and a quick matt spray before they're done.

For our Battlefield: Evolution Eastern Front project we have now added a 32 strong Soviet infantry platoon, sniper team, 82mm mortar team and infantry anti-tank rifle team. Outstanding from this month's plan is a second platoon, three HMG teams and 76.2mm field gun.

Given the fact I really didn't get started properly until mid-way through the month it's not too bad, though I need to give some thought to transport for the infantry. Lend-Lease half-tracks are an easy option, though I would prefer to hunt down some suitable Soviet trucks.

Of course I need to decide what project month March will be. Looking at my work diary I am away a lot so I might have to save some of the bigger ideas until April and May when I have some holiday booked in.

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  1. Bravo and well done - I am now all geared up for a focused month in March and am looking forward to hopefully being as productive as you have been!