Tuesday, 4 January 2011

(Ancients Month) Celt Slingers

Ok 'Ancients Month' is now officially off an running with the first painted Celts done with these eight slingers. These models are all made up from (primarily) the Warlord Games Celts with a few accessories (and one torso) from the Wargames Factory box.

Both sets have their plus points, as well as a few negatives. Whilst the Warlord box is probably slightly better detailed, the 'dynamic' poses are not (to my mind) wargames friendly and the lack of shields (only enough for half the figures) and other weapons is disappointing (the slings here are from the Wargames Factory box). I did try one Wargames Factory torso on Warlord legs to check compatibility and whilst the end result is ok, I probably won't make a habit of it.

I did reposition a few of the 'outflung' arms and these was easy to do with a little bit of Green Stuff being needed to fill gaps. I also used Green Stuff to make the pouches for the slingers shot to be carried in. Painting was by using dip. whilst they are not my favourite painted miniatures in my collection, they are done and were done quickly.

Celt painted running total:

8/186 infantry
0/3 chariots


  1. Looking good - and far too tempting! I have a box of 25mm Romans kicking abut somewhere and I don't need someone encouraging me to get them out!

  2. They're very good, I take it you paint in batches of eight to help with getting overloaded.

  3. @Lurker - not really, I meant to convert nine of each but there was only ten to a Warlord sprue and two of those are armoured. Looking at the warbands I think I'm going to work in lines of seven but we'll see.