Sunday 20 December 2009

Wrath Of The Syren

You may have seen on Bertie's Blog that Wessex Games will be releasing a free Aeronef PDF campaign book in the very near future. The three scenario campaign is centred around the adventures of Baron Lantoz and his ship the SMLS (Seiner Majestät LuftSchiff) Syren against the Turks.

For the accompanying photos I have David Crook's scratchbuilt Turkish fleet but needed a model of the Syren. Brigade came to the rescue with their Budapest class light battleship which is a lovely model. The Syren itself is an enhanced design having been refitted by Hungarian genius Professor Vanvlak so I have added some more (plasticard) armour and doubled the rocket tube mountings to make it clear it is a non-standard design.

Hopefully I'll be able to undercoat it today, but as the temperature is still below freezing outside my plans may be thwarted...

Update: temperature crept above zero so quick undercoat done...


  1. Hi Steve, Love the conversion and the base model looks pretty darn hot as well! The next generation of scratch built Turks is under consideration as we speak and I still have the flying bases for the Turkish carriers if you are interested. We are still under 4 inches of the white stuff and the whole family are stricken with cold/flu/bad chest/cough/sore throat etc - still it could be worse as at least we have the Xmas hols to look forward.

    All the best, DC

  2. Beautiful - just how Professor Vanvlak designed her! Now are you going into production so we can all have one? :-)

  3. By chance I dug my unpainted Aeronef fleet out yesterday. I undercoated by brush. It is dark and freezing out there (North K ent Coast).

  4. Well I was doing some painting yesterday and it was so hot the paint was drying too quickly on my brush. Good weather for a good Aussie BBQ though :-)

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