Saturday, 12 December 2009

The Red Baron

Whilst the workbench has a pile of unfinished projects on it I haven't managed to finish anything over the last few weeks, indeed a bit of an apathetic malaise has set in... :-(

To 'inspire' myself to get on with the 1/144th WWI aeroplanes I watched The Red Baron on yesterday evening. This German produced film has now been released dubbed (very well) into English and is pretty good. The CGI dogfights as good as, if not better than, Flyboys (which I actually like). Have a look at this trailer...

There are a couple of irritating moments (as with most war films) and I was really disappointed with the lack of the 'final dogfight' with Brown which would have rounded the film off perfectly but overall it is well worth picking up if you are interested in WWI dogfights and certainly will inspire you to get a few 1/144th models and push they around the table...


  1. Red baron looks good, i might have to get it...


  2. Santa is bringing me a Deluxe box set of Wings of War with the Red Barron in it. I'll have to check out the movie now I've seen the trailer.