Monday, 17 August 2009

Cyclops On The Cheap...

I was hoping to be showing off my Burgundian pikemen today, but my initial small unit of four stands of OOP Corvus Miniatures, expanding to five with a command stand, expanded again when I found three more Corvus pike and three ex-Grenadier pike (unarmoured, but lovely Copplestone sculpts, also found some handgunners and a wonderful cannon). Unfortunately I had almost finished the initial bases so had to chip the sand covered filler away to detach three of those hold their pikes at 45 degrees to move to the back row as the extra three Corvus were front rankers.. Hopefully these should be done soon, but the initial four stand unit with a 16cm frontage now looks more impressive at seven stands and a 28cm frontage!

Anyhow, whilst the undercoat was drying I cast a glance towards the shelf of pre-undercoated oddities and my eye was caught by this cyclops (sorry...). The model is actually a toy, donated by Saul, from his Yu-Gi-Oh collection (to give you an idea on size, it is mounted on a 40mm square base). Whilst it is made from a similar soft plastic to what Airfix soldiers of yore, with a wash to get any grease off and undercoating with acrylic the model becomes quite serviceable for normal wargames use (yes, if you bend the arm the paint would flake off, but if you bent a metal models arm the paint would also come off and likely the arm as well!!). Fantasy wargamers would do well to keep their eyes open for toys like these which can provide useful cheap models for the tabletop.

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