Tuesday 20 February 2024

Through The Mud And The Blood: Fracas at Farrington Gurney

By way of a change Andy suggested he dust off his Very British Civil War collection and Too Far Lardies WWI ruleset Through The Mud And The Blood, which was released back in 2009. Adapting a scenario from the Triumphant Standards supplement, Phil was cast in the role of the evil Fascist commander, oppressor of the working man, whilst I took command of the brave Communists, looking to bring the workers paradise to England.

The Fascist force comprised of troops loyal to the Crown in the form of the 8th Bn. Somerset Light Infantry and a local British Union of Fascists (BUF) Militia unit who were guiding their convoy through the sleepy Somerset town of Farrington Gurney to surprise the Communist forces in Radstock.

Fortunately for the Communists news of the Fascist convoy had reached HQ and a small force was put together to stop them. John Dunnet and some comrades grabbed some mining explosives to try and fell a tree across the road which the convoy was due to travel along...

Whilst men under the leadership of Comrade Aldermann took position in the local shop with a good line of fire down the road the convoy must advance up. 

The convoy was spotted! Not just a couple of lorries as believed but a major convoy of several trucks escorted by an armoured car!

Boom! Dunnet blew the charge and the tree fell into the road stopping the convoy dead.

The Somerset's debused, Lieutenant Parker, Corporal Stickers and a section of assault troops from the first lorry...

Corporal Dagenham and a section of infantry from the second...

Captain Romney-Hythe and another section from the third...

With Sergeant Dimchurch and a final section debusing from the last vehicle...

Along with Patrol Leader MacMillan and a group of BUF Militia who promptly occupied the local pub!

Under fire from the armoured car Comrade Dunnet and his men attempted to reach cover but are shot in the back by the Fascist machine-gunner, leaving Dunnet wounded and his comrades dead. Their sacrifice will not be forgotten.

Romney-Hythe's men spotted movement on their left...

It was Comrade Ruskin with men of the local Communist Martyrs Brigade standing ready to repulse the enemy forces.

Aldermann's men spotted movement outside and opened fire...

Inflicting some Shock on Lieutenant Parker and his assault troops.

From first floor of the Black Pig pub the BUF opened fire killing two Communists and inflicting Shock on their comrades.

The armoured car also opened fire inflicting Shock on the Lewis gun in the shop.

Hiding in the Black Pig the BUF fired their Lewis Gun out of the window at the Martyrs Brigade...

Killing another brave Communist and wounding Comrade Ruskin!

Meanwhile back at the shop the Communists keep up their fire on the enemy...

Though with little effect.

Unfortunately for the Communists their Lewis gun jammed at this key point and needed unjamming...

Though the riflemen kept up regular fire from the ground floor on the assault troops.

Despite bearing the red badge of courage, Comrade Ruskin ordered his men to engage the Somersets to their front...

Shock and casualties being inflicted on Romney-Hythe's men.

On the right flank Corporal Dagenham ordered his men to advance towards the church.

As reinforcements for the Communists arrived in the form of Corporal (ex-Major) Barry and men from the Radstock militia.

They poured fire into Parker and his assault troops, shooting dead a number of the Fascists.

Barry and his men fired another volley at the Somersets...

Killing Lieutenant Parker, Corporal Stickers and the last of the assault troops.

The armoured car though was a continuing problem and its near continuous fire into the shop saw Comrade Aldermann badly wounded and needing to be escorted to the rear by the remaining men of his unit.

Despite the success in wiping out the Somerset's assault troops and blocking the road, Corporal (ex-Major) Barry realised the local Communist forces were heavily outnumbered (and out gunned) so ordered his men and Ruskins to slip away into the oncoming night to fight another day.

Whilst the Fascists might be able to claim a (Pyrrhic) tactical victory following the Communist tactical withdrawal, having lost more men than their opponents, with two of their Big Men lying dead and having failed to achieve their mission to get through to Radstock it is clear to anyone not reading the Daily Mail at breakfast that this was a moral, political and strategic victory for the British Communists! 

Stand up! Ye wretched ones who labor, 

 Stand up! Ye galley-slaves of want. 

Man’s reason thunders from its crater, 

 ‘Tis th’ eruption naught can daunt.

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