Sunday, 10 July 2022

'O' Group: U.S. Infantry Battalion

I blame this all on Andy Crow with his off-hand comment about whether I had any 6mm WW2 as he'd just tried 'O' Group at Deep Fried Lard and would I fancy a game of it if I had enough miniatures. A rummage in an iKea storage box soon produced enough Heroics & Ros 6mm US figures to make up an American infantry battalion plus a number of support units.

US Infantry Battalion

Much of this came from my 'First Wargames Army' (including a platoon painted as US paratroops), the rest clearly reinforcements purchased some four decades ago but not painted (although all based on some 20mm by 10mm cardboard bases).

Battalion HQ

I decided to re-base the troops on some MDF bases from Warbases opting for 25mm by 20mm, the logic being that the 25mm width was the same as what my 6mm AFV's were based on so would work with other sets if need be.

Forward Observer

'O' Group being a battalion level game means each base is a section of infantry, with three sections of a platoon, three platoons to a company. I did consider larger 40 x 25mm bases to go 1:1 on the troops but decided that would negate any benefit in making the table larger by picking 6mm (most people playing the game in 15mm seem to mount three or four figures to a 40 x 25mm base).

Company Command

I'm quite pleased with the end result, especially as the project so far has cost nothing (beyond a re-stock of MDF bases) and some figures sat unloved in a box since 1983 are no ready once more to storm across the Rhine and reach Berlin before the Rooskis!

Infantry Section

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