Sunday, 8 May 2022

ColdWar '58: US M59 Mechanised Infantry Company

The advent of 3D sculpting and printing has led to the various 'rare' APC's being made available by enterprising sculptors - such as the M59 armoured personnel carrier, the US Army's frontline battle taxi from 1954 to 1961, which I needed several of for my ColdWar '58 project.

I was having trouble sourcing a model but David Manley came to the rescue finding this STL from Daritus on Thingiverse. Jim at Bristol Independent Gaming printed a bunch off for me.

As with the other US AFV's the models are painted basic olive drab with the I-94 Enterprise white star decals providing some relief from the green. Whilst quite basic (and not too dissimilar to the M113 that replaced it) I am really pleased with these boxy little models, just need to get on with the infantry to go with them...

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  1. Nicely painted up, Steve.

    I vaguely remember an early Airfix polythene HO/OO APC that resembled an M75, or just possibly the M59. It wasn't in production for long before it was replaced by the polythene FV432. So I looked it up in the online Airfix catalogue, and there it was:
    1657 Troop Carrier – (Not Airfix? – Used base of 1656 *which was the Pershing tank*) – 1965 2 – A

    It's funny what triggers memories.

    Regards, Chris.