Saturday, 23 October 2021

Zulu War: The Black Mamba

Having painted two unmarried Zulu regiments for The Men Who Would Be Kings, next up were a married regiment (with their distinctive head bands), the inDlondlo - the Black Mambas!

Whereas (most of) the unmarried troops had predominately black shields, the married guys had more white cow skin ones, the inDlondlo shields being a pleasing red and white design.

I am pleased with the look of the figures on the Warbases sabots which, even for big games with Washing The Spears or Black Powder, avoid the straight lines of regular bases which always looks a bit odd for "natives", "barbarians" and the like...


  1. Great stuff, thinking about Zulu wars myself next year as a smallish project, what figures are those?


    1. A mix of Perry and Warlord plastics. If starting from scratch I would just use the Perry ones as they are more accurate and nicer models