Monday, 13 April 2020

French & Indian Wars: 60th (Royal American) Regiment of Foot

My second Sharp Practice/Rebels and Patriots unit for my French and Indian Wars based on the Forbes Expedition is one of the two regular units that comprised part of the force, the 60th (Royal American) Regiment of Foot.

Fortunately, despite being part of the regular army, the 60th Americans were not as fancy looking as other regular foot regiments which was great from a painting point of view (no lace, yay!). There are various sources with contradictory information on the uniforms, most notably the colour of the gaiters (dark brown/natural leather/black) so I went with what I thought looked best.

The figures are again Galloping Major and I so enjoyed painting these that I've ordered a couple of units worth of Provincials to continue the project with...

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