Monday, 1 January 2018

Three's Company...

So, thinking I am probably not able to paint a 28mm figure with any degree of skill again, one of the Futbowel players I painted in 2016 had webbing painted where I thought it was not where it was on the model(!) I had been thinking about other options.

Odd though it sounds I did think 6mm might be the answer, especially tanks as they are block paint, wash and drybrush jobs in the main, I should be able to manage that. Whilst I still have my Yom Kippur project to finish, shiny wargamer syndrome did strike when reading about the Second Indo-Pakistan War of 1965...

Pakistani M48 Patton
On the face of it it might sound a bit obscure, but there are quite a lot of online and English language books and the war itself quite balanced with both sides using Western kit rather than one having tons of T55's, and the two major tank battles being won one each.

I had been scouting for models and at Colours had a nice chat with Heroics and Ros about their plans for Centurions and M47's. I'd pretty much settled that I'd look at that until I caught sight of the PicoArmor 3mm range at Reveille.

PicoArmor 3mm Centurions (pic. PicoArmor)
Now I know you are thinking I am completely insane, if I was struggling with 28mm details how would I manage with 3mm? Well I was thinking my 6mm painting approach would work with sections of tanks mounted on one base - and boy, it was cheap - 15 tanks for £3!

So I splashed a little bit of cash getting some Centurions and Shermans for the Indians and Pattons and Chaffees for the Pakistanis. I've yet to splash some paint on them but am looking forward to giving them a go this month....

PicoArmor 3mm Pattons (pic. PicoArmor)


  1. It's an interesting war with both sides best armour formations coming to grief. A lot is infantry combat of course.
    Equipment wise India had predominantly Shermans with a mixture of 75mm and 76mm; these weren't the U.S. T23 turret types but M4A4 types retrofitted with a long 76. Pakistan used these too, most Pakistani being cast hulls. Most used HVSS suspension. Pakistan had some M36s as well.
    India had Centurions and a few PT76. Their M3A3 lights had supposedly been withdrawn. Pakistan fielded M48s, M47s and Chaffees.
    Air war was equally interesting with Hawker Hunters, Starfighters and F86 Sabres which you rarely see in action.

  2. That should have read "VVSS suspension".