Thursday, 20 April 2017

Snapdragon Studio 6mm SF Scenery

We're having a bit of a move round in Bleaseworld which has led to the discovery of certain "lost" items in the loft including some of the display boards from when Wessex Games took Snapdragon Studio's 6mm SF range around shows in the nineties. These were stuck to black wooden boards but I have managed to prise them off and they can now be use for gaming.

It seems that photos of the range - which as you can see is high quality and stands the test of time - are quite rare, so here are the items I have rediscovered so far (there are some larger pieces that I will photograph when I find them).

Fire Direction Centre
Guard Tower
Ambush Position
Ambush Position (rear)
VTOL Landing Pad
Enclosed Hard Shelter
I decide to add a bit of variety to the trade stand by painting a few items up in non temperate schemes such as these desert pieces...

Light Weapons Casemate
Small Bunker with Razorwire
Light Weapons Bunker
Tank Position
...and these snowy ones.

Command Post 
Light Weapons Bunker
These two pieces were sat in a filing cabinet and had no identifying codes or descriptions on. I think the top one is a mortar team bunker but may be mistaken.


  1. I have some of the Snapdragon 28mm trench terrain bits...really nice!

  2. Great find. I also agree that The Snapdragon Range of resin is some of the most charismatic pieces of wargaming terrain available (or was available).


  3. I have no idea how big or small that coin is :-)

  4. I tried two or three times to buy the moulds for these and know of two other active companies who also tried. All communications (inc word of mouth messages) where ignored.

    Such a shame they are most likely gone forever.