Monday 2 July 2012

Tankfest 2012

Saul and I went to Tankfest 2012 at the Bovington Tank Museum yesterday and, despite catching the sun to such an extent that I am doing a great impression of a beetroot today, we had a great day out. I think Saul's comment that "they seem even bigger when they're moving" really encapsulated the experience, the noise, dust and smell of diesel adding to the day.

There were lots of tanks, armoured cars, APC's recovery vehicles etc on show and whilst I have posted a few here, there are more on my Facebook page here if you fancy some more "tank porn".

In addition there were a number of WW1 and WW2 re-enactment groups including some equipped as Russians (which made a nice change from the endless German re-enactment groups). The WW1 lads got the opportunity to put on a mock battle complete with the replica Mark IV and dogfighting planes above which was very entertaining even if we got coated in a layer of choking dust from the explosions of the replica 1916 artillery barrage!

Vehicle wise I know everyone raves about "The Tiger" and yes, it is great to see it running (though personally I'd like to see a Panzer III), but my highlight was the wonderfully eccentric Matilda I running around the area. Definitely the ugly duckling out of the whole pond, but I like it!

Overall a great day and I'd recommend it to anyone, it certainly is better to see tanks moving (or being towed in the unfortunate Black prince's case) than sat on display in a shed under artificial lights...


  1. Lovely pictures!

    Were all the tanks museum pieces, because some have very current attachments and look like active service models!

    1. The active service AFV's were largely from the Armoured Trials and Development Unit (ADTU) with the Challenger II from the King's Royal Hussars.

  2. Some terrific photos there, Steve - looks like a wonderful day out!

  3. Great pictures mate. I'm gutted I couldn't make it this year. Money and Work killed off my plans to attend...too little of the former and too much of the latter!!

  4. I. Hate. You.

    That's the jealousy talking, of course.