Thursday 24 May 2012

633 Squadron Author Dies

I was saddened today to find out that Frederick E. Smith, author of 633 Squadron and numerous other books died earlier this month of a heart attack aged 93. A good innings, it was disappointing to find his passing so poorly reported, indeed all I could find was this article in the Bournemouth Echo here.

Whilst most of us will have seen the film on numerous occasions and can hum the music, I really enjoyed the series of 633 Squadron books Smith wrote over the years (the last as recently as 2007). All are quite good reads, have some great ideas for games and are well worth checking out:

633 Squadron (1956); Operation Rhine Maiden (1975); Operation Crucible (1977); Operation Valkyrie (1978); Operation Cobra (1993); Operation Titan (1994); Operation Crisis (1995); Operation Thor (1995); Operation Defiant (1996) and Operation Safeguard (2007).


  1. Thanks Steve for posting this. I loved the film when I was a boy, and still watch it now and again when it's on. Mr Smith's obituary reads really well - he seems like a real gentleman. As you say, a shame that some of the nationals haven't reported his passing, considering the pleasure his work has given people over many, many years. RIP Mr Smith. Thanks again for posting, Steve.

  2. Blimey.

    ..another good reason to have a go at that 633 Squadron participation game I'd been wobbling on about way back last year.