Wednesday, 10 August 2011

(Blake's 7) Deep Space Vehicle 2 (The Liberator)

I managed to grab a little bit of free time to finish off the next vessel in my Blake's 7 mini-project, the iconic Liberator (or System Deep Space Vehicle 2 if we want to give it its correct designation). Another 3D printed model from Admiral Duck Sauce at Shapeways I'm really pleased with the end result (even trying to paint some of the alien markings on the ship).

A number of gamers seem to be having problems with the material the models are printed in, stating that it absorbs paint like a sponge. However, I've not experienced this having given the models a good undercoat with GW Skull White spray (and I do this on all planes and spaceships so I'm not doing anything different).

I only mention this in case you are put off by some of the bad feedback which would be a shame as there are some really very interesting models at Shapeways including some fantastic spaceships with designs that could not be cast in one piece using normally production methods and would be too fragile/heavy as multi-part kits.

Other projects are currently stalled but I did buy some much needed paint yesterday for my Athenians so there might be some Ancient Greeks soon (the article in the current WI on Sven Forkbeard's army is making me feel very ashamed at my pathetic figure output over the last few months).


  1. For some reason I liked the Blakes 7 series..nice looking space ship

  2. "For some reason?"! Maybe because despite some shaky sets, it was excellent for the time! I wish there would be some progress on the oft touted re-imagining of this.

  3. Beautiful! That's quite a trio of ships you've got there now - I like the subtly grey shading on the Liberator.

  4. Very nice looking models. Brings back happy memories (apart from the last episode!).


  5. Aahh...takes me back to my childhood...:)

  6. Once again - well done.


  7. Hi Steve,

    Once again I have given in to temptation and all because of you!

    I have picked up a second-hand Corgi diecast from e-bay of The Liberator with a plan to repaint it and mount it as a gaming piece.

    I'l keep you informed of the progress.