Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Runt Bot and Grot

Been a bit tied up with real world stuff which is a bummer but have got a year older this month (and now own some lovely Jacklex 20mm NWF Colonials courtesy of SWMBO) and went to Fort Nelson down Portsmouth way on a family trip (pics of this coming soon and an Aeronef sprue model as it was very interesting and inspiring).

Anyhow apart from basing my NWF Brits and some 6mm SF infantry I haven't done much gaming wise but I did take a few minutes whilst SWMBO was watching Eastenders and Holby City to make up the Forgeworld Runt Bot and Grot that Saul bought himself at Salute and then gave me to paint for him. A really nicely detailed model, it could have done with a slightly bigger base and some clearer instructions but is now sitting on the workbench awaiting undercoating. Hopefully I'll get some time over the weekend to paint it up...

Being Forgeworld it wasn't exactly cheap, but as he earns his own money as Head Chorister at Bristol Cathedral and with it being a limited edition 'show only' model I was happy to let him buy what he wanted. My only regret is seeing the prices they are going for on eBay (over twice what Saul paid) I wish I'd bought one myself - you don't get investment returns like that very often!

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