Thursday 18 March 2010

Great War German Assault Company

Taking a couple of days off, I have managed to finish my 20mm German Assault Company for Warhammer Historical's Great War rules. A mix of old Revell and Emhar WWI Germans they did suffer from a varnishing disaster which they have only partially recovered from...

Given the fact that the idea was to knock them out quickly using dip painting I have decided against repainting the lot and gave some of the worst helmets a quick drybrush with German Field Grey so they didn't look like they'd been whitewashed(!) They look ok on the table and I'm not too worried they wouldn't win a Golden Demon award...

The figures are a bit of a mix quality wise. The Emhar ones are interesting miniatures and come with some useful officer figures. They have some nice details and poses, however the detail is a bit hit and miss and the helmets unconvincing. That said they look ok when painted.

The Revell ones are much better, although sadly at this moment out of production. Good box this one and worth hunting down on eBay.

I've just picked up some Caesar WWI Germans that (typically of Caesar) look really good and will mix them in with these when making up a second company. I also bought a box of HaT's German Heavy Weapons which contains some useful Mp18 armed troops and some carrying captured Lewish guns (a shame as I'd just converted three with weapons snipped from the Emhar Brits. That said this worked well and I decided to make up a couple of teams for the Brits using the HaT Canadians, though I need to finish these off with Divisional markings.

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