Tuesday 23 February 2010

Royal Engineer Automatons

In between dropping WWI German Stormtroopers into the dip can (!) last night, I managed to finish the four Ironclad Miniatures VSF automatons I picked up a little while back. Nice models they are the same height as Empress Miniatures Zulu War Brits who will form the core of my 28mm expedition to Mars.

Initially I had intended to go with just a basic metal look with bronze to highlight some detail, but decided that to make them less intimidating to Tommy, 'The Powers That Be' decided to paint them in a facsimile of the British infantry uniform. Campaigning on Mars has been tough however and the paint is starting to be be weathered away on these four stout machines of the Royal Engineers Mechanised Corps.

Rules wise I haven't made any great decisions yet but might go with The Great War as a basis, maybe with some of the WH40k VSF amendments floating around the web...


  1. They look great Steve!
    Whatever happened to Voyages Extraordinaire and surely they would do well in that...

    Rob :)

  2. Really good stuff. I like the rationale for the scarlet tunic. None of that khaki rot for my Tommies, either.

    You might look at GASLIGHT as well for a ruleset. We like them, and Battles by GASLIGHT works well for larger conflicts. YMMV, of course.

    I'll have to take a look for these figs one of these days when i thin the current lead mountain a bit.