Sunday, 24 January 2010

Sprue Town - work in progress

With the Ottomans finished I was about to take the photos and realised I didn't have an appropriate target for the Syren to bomb! Inspired by the efforts of Eli on I See Lead People I decided to knock something up out of balsa, but had a Eureka! moment when I realised that I had tons of sprue that could be used (this is pretty much Space Marine sprue and some Mantic Elves). The only commercial item is the clump of trees from Irregular that I already had sat around and didn't have the time to make some from putty.

If I had more time I would have done things slightly different, such as a more natural looking mound in the centre instead of a slottabase, but given the minimal effort required I'm pleased with it and hope to slap some paint on it this afternoon.


  1. Hi Steve, That is a great idea and one I will unashamedly borrow!


  2. The Baron grimaced in hate as the Turkish city of Spruetown entered into range.

    'Open bomb-bay doors and commence saturation bombing' he snarled....