Saturday 7 November 2009

Ludus Gladiatorius

Sorry for the lack of posts, it's been a bit of 'hit the fan' week at work. Anyway as SWMBO is watching some murder mystery on ITV2 (should I be worried she watches so many?), I thought I'd take a couple of minutes to talk about the wargame we took and played in Tenerife.

Obviously you can't take a 6' x 4' table and hundres of miniatures with you to the Canaries, but we did take em-4's Ludus Gladiatorius which I'd bought Saul at Colours. Cracking little game and we'll probably buy the second one sometime.

The five pre-paints are nicely done and the game is simple but ingeniously challenging with the different gladiators using different attack and defence dice as well as having differing special abilities (which are restricted in what they are and how many times the gladiator can use them).

The game comes with figures, dice, chits and a nice glossy paper arena all in the box. You might want to devise your own travel case as the figures have separate bases and ideally need gluing to them (I used blu-tack) and you need a couple of pencils, plus copies of the gladiator character sheets.

If you're looking for a travel game that even your SWMBO might enjoy and can be played with the kids on holiday etc, then Ludus Gladiatorius is worth checking out.


  1. This is a great game and the second set adds a Retarius and also a campaign system. We play this a lot at SEEMS but sadly I usually end up being hacked to pieces!

  2. Ahh.

    Always looked at this one. Perhaps my other half would enjoy it.