Thursday 19 March 2009

Having A Cow!

The writing bug bit deep after I saw Brigade Models were issuing their lovely 6mm SF Russians at Salute. Realising the Russian aren't in the Iron Cow rulebook I started beavering away on a PDF supplement for them! As this stage I then realised that I hadn't PDF'd Iron Cow itself either so lacking an electronic copy of the rulebook (it was originally carved in stone in 1995) I started re-transcribing that and taking the opportunity to fix a few things as I did so. Hopefully both will be released in April with lots of colour piccies of Brigade goodness which I'm picking up at Salute and will, of course, be featured here on Bleaseworld as I paint my first 6mm SF miniatures for at least a decade!

One of the things I had never got around to with Iron Cow is to put the full background down on paper (or Mac in this case) and make it clear who is what and what they are doing to who. As part of this I drew up a map of Europe in 2103AD which shows the main power blocs plus the mess Europe is in as well. I'm not sure if this will be in the PDF rulebook but if you already have the paper rulebook here it is:

Another golf lesson tonight, I have managed to get a couple of sessions in on the driving range over the last couple of days - it's amazing what you can forget in a week! :-)

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