Tuesday 26 March 2013

Steampunk Goodness Aplenty!

Last month I was considering the various merits of the two forthcoming Steampunk ranges from North Star and West Wind. The latter's Empire of the Dead: Requiem Kickstarter ended this morning, successfully funded and promising a massive expansion in both Steampunk miniatures and models, many of which will have historical applications.

It is quite amazing to see what West Wind will be releasing this year. There are supernatural Police, Captain Nemo and crew, various gangs including a Chinese Tong, servants, period writers, loads of Steampunk inspired baddies, literary characters both good and bad as well as an undead Holmes and Watson!

In addition to the figures there is a mass of vehicles including a Time Machine, Steam Gyrocopter, Police Black Mariah, Hansom Cab and an Omnibus. Lots to get very excited about and even if you didn't take part it is well worth having a look at the wonderful concept illustrations on the Kickstarter page. So many models will be highly useful for historical games.

Given my love of the gene I was unable to resist, I won't tell you what level as SWMBO might see, but I suspect will be painting Victorian and Steampunk miniatures for a long time to come (I'm even mentally planning a two level 4 foot square terrain board with sewers underneath!).


  1. Ha! I resisted long enough to regret it :)

  2. Ha Ha naughty naughty! I to got involved in my first kickstarter it will be probably be the only one for this year. Looking forward to June very much so!

  3. Oh dear, I ordered both! Looking forward to seeing your figures when they arrive!

  4. Oh boy,

    Even more temptation. Not sure I'll get involved (you never know) but I will watch with interest.