Tuesday 12 March 2013

(Plane Month) Jasta 19 Fokker Dr.I's

Continuing with 'Plane Month' we have three Fokker Dr.I's of the Luftstreitkräfte's Royal Prussian Jagdstaffel 19. Once again the models are Wings of War repainted and using the excellent Dom's Decals Jasta 19 decal set.

Unfortunately the models come without pilot figures and as I am still hunting down my Revireseco ones, the models are currently grounded!

The Wings of War model represents that of Leutnant Arthur Rahn but required a bit of work to correct errors in the pre-paint.

This model has been painted to represent that of Leutnant Walter Göttsch and involved the most work. I thought the light yellow top wing provided an interesting contrast to the other two planes.

The pilot of this Fokker is unidentified but I liked the scheme.

Hopefully some French next...

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