Monday 11 March 2013

(Plane Month) Jasta 15 Fokker D.VII's

The first planes of 'Plane Month' are three Fokker D.VII's of Royal Prussian Jagdstaffel 15. The models are Wings of War pre-paints, repainted as appropriate with aircraft markings from Dom's Decals excellent Jasta 15 set (these are so good I am trying to resist the urge to create an entire Jasta!)

The re-painting was fairly minimal, just the fuselage to cover the pre-paints markings and some tidying up of the leading edges of the wings were the lozenge camo pattern was missing.

The D.VII of Leutnant Josef "Seppl" Veltjens.

Leutnant Georg von Hantelmann's plane.

Leutant Hugo Schäfer's Fokker. The original pre-paint is of Schäfer's plane but Dom's decals for the model are better detailed so it is worth the effort in redoing the plane.

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