Saturday 29 November 2014

Blitzkrieg: Kriegsmarine III

The only figure in the Warlord set that I could not paint up or convert to fit in with the rest of the unit was this figure, as it is wearing the distinctive U-Boat battledress.

Whilst a nice figure to paint, it looks a bit odd, the MP40 seems a bit overly large and I think I should have done something about his lack of neck...

Painting Target: 636/1000


  1. Nicely painted and i have to agree about the MP40.
    A good set.

  2. I agree, the MP40 looks twice as large as it should be. It's interesting to see how often sculptors get weapon proportions wrong. I also agree with his curious lack of neck. Otherwise you've done a good job with him. I hope you post the whole set in one pic.