Monday 18 February 2013

Terminator Heavy Weapons

The em-4 and Copplestone robot ("Terminator") infantry are a bit light when it comes to heavier weapons. em-4 do a couple of decent heavy machine-guns but that it about it. Enter Forlorn Hope Games who, whilst stocking em-4, spotted a gap and have produced some of their own robot infantry in a similar design to em-4's.

Whilst they are not as good as the Mark Coplestone em-4 models and they do appear a bit soft detail wise (to the extent that I was wondering if they had been drop cast) the range of five models does contain very useful missile launcher and flamethrower figures.

I painted them up using my black undercoat, drybrush Tin Bitz, drybrush Boltgun Steel over, approach and added some red eyes and that was it. Simple and effective.

They were a pleasant change from the Camerone Legionnaires, the first seven of whom are almost finished. Typically the French, even whilst on campaign, seem to have lots of fancy jacket trim etc.

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