Monday, 4 February 2013


Photographing the Terminator infantry inspired me to hunt down the models I had of the Terminator motorcycles (or Moto-Terminators as they are called).

The models were toys given away with Terminator: Salvation Slurpee drinks at 7-Eleven stores in the US. I was lucky that a friend picked me up so as they never surfaced in the UK and the Playmates model of the Moto-Terminator is just too large to go with the 28mm miniatures.

To be honest the 7-Eleven models aren't the best and may be pushing it a bit scale wise but I think you can just about get away with it...

Painting was straight forward, black undercoat, Tin Bitz drybrush then Boltgun Metal over that, tyres and "Cylon" red eye picked out after.


  1. Quality. Never seen them before, nice job.

  2. They look great and they are a nice size a little bit bigger. But not to much to be overly so.

  3. I think they work really well.

  4. Sure, they're big, but look fantastic. And kinda unique given their origin, nice work!