Sunday 3 February 2013

Mad Max - A Mini Adventure!

Boggler's post a couple of days back on Dark Future reminded me of one of my numerous flights of fancy from a few years back - to play some post-holocaust road wars games.

Dark Future is 20mm scale, a logic dictated by the wide availability of toy cars in this scale (the ideal conversion material), however this does take up a lot of space and this was one of the reasons I didn't pursue the game as a project.

However the idea is too good to completely ignore and I remember picking up a set of 6mm scale post-holocaust vehicles from Irregular Miniatures which I painted up and have only just resurfaced (in a box of 6mm SF tanks - more on them soon).

Whilst not the greatest models in the world, they are reasonable enough and at £6 for a mixed pack of ten cars, trucks, bikes and lorries, great value. That said, bear in mind that the car models photographed here are only about one inch long so I don't think they are too shabby...

I'm not sure whether I will embark on a Road Warrior project, however as I will need to make some new roads for Iron Cow games I could kill two birds with one stone...


  1. Thanks for reminding me of these. I have a couple of sets of the Mad Ron cars from more than a few years ago. I think I may need to dig out Car Wars now and get playing.

  2. I wonder what happened to mine? They must be in the lead pile somewhere.

  3. Nice, I think i'd have to do this in 15mm, model railway cars are quite cheap and would be great post apoc up.

  4. Those aren't half bad.

    Reminds me of the old Battlecars range by Citadel.

    I might get some for Battlecars myself, which will please the kids as I won't have to raid their Micro Machines collection.

  5. Boggler got me to thinking too - a road warrior project would be very cool! I dont think I can do Car Wars (again!) it was too slow but maybe another faster play system would work well with both my lad and my friend James and his 10 yr old

    In fact I saw Max's interceptors, the cop one from the start of movie and the black one he has afterwards, at a pop culture show last year.

  6. I am just about to start some Matchbox / Hot Wheels scale Car Wars with my sons and some friends. You can read about it so far on my general gaming blog, The Scattergun Gamer. Http://