Tuesday 26 February 2013

Projekt X: The Science of Evil

Three years back (oddly, to the day!) I posted some photos of my North Star 1/48th British infantry that had been used in some Gehiemkrieg Weird War Two games. Today I realised that whilst I'd posted these and the British Weird Science troops, I'd never posted photos of the German weird stuff so I decided to remedy that...

Meet Projekt X:

Sturmbannfuhrer Wunsche and Doktor Klaus.


More zombies... There are 32 in total.

Power Armour Soldats. At the time there was only one basic miniature so I had to convert some by chopping and repositioning arms.

Basic Power Armour Soldat and two conversions, one with underarm panzerschreck, the other with a flamethrower (David Manley kindly told me that they look like one has a leaf blower and the other a weed killer spray!)

The miniatures are now owned by Scarab Miniatures and available here.

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