Tuesday, 19 February 2013

(FFL Month) “We’ll Die Before We Surrender!”

I managed to finish the first batch of Foundry Camerone French Foreign Legionnaires last night. To make the process easier I split the 25 models I have into three smaller batches with the intention of completing each in turn.

The models are truly wonderful and ooze character and whilst I would not use the expression "they were a joy to paint" (painting is not that much fun!) they did paint up nicely.

To add a splash of colour I decided to paint a few of the kepis uncovered and this helps avoid them looking too much like the much beloved classic 1908 Legionnaire in Algeria.

Researching the uniforms was interesting. Many illustrations have the Legion fighting in red trousers like the line infantry (indeed this was regulation) but the Osprey book states that the Legion still wore their old white North African trousers (white trousers were worn in summer anyhow). I decided to go white so, if and when. I raise some regular infantry, they will have red trousers and that will make them easier to identify on the table.

Maximilian Affair painted running total: 

9/26 Mexican foot
9/25 French foot


  1. Very good figures with an excellent painting work!

  2. I've been tempted by these minis a number of time - part of the Cameroon packs I think.

    Nicely painted and thanks for posting them.


    1. They are currently listed in the Old West part of the Foundry catalogue, probably because they don't fit with the Perry Maximilian figures.