Monday, 27 October 2014

"This Isn't the TIE Fighter You're Looking For..."

I caught up with the new Star Wars: Rebels animated series at the weekend. So far Disney XD have show the two episode pilot, plus the first two episodes and despite some reservations over bits of the CGI animation, they are a lot of fun.

Charting the adventures of a band of rebels on the spaceship The Ghost and set four years before A New Hope, there are many nods to the "classic" Star Wars trilogy which will appeal to older fans, whilst watching the series with younger ones! The only thing that is wrong with the series is that it is animated!

I don't have anything against animation and there have been some good Star Wars animated series, but Rebels is essentially Firefly in the Star Wars universe. Just think how awesome that would be as a live action series...


  1. I watched the pilot "movie" with my kids, and really liked it... unfortunately we do not get Disney XD, so we can not keep up with it.

    Hopefully someone makes a model of the Ghost in a nice large scale, it would be great for games, but seems like it would be a fun build too.

  2. sky 1 started showing yesterday as well , i like it especially like the scout troopers and the shiney stormtroopers armour